Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm Busy Getting Stronger

My New Mantra

This is my new mantra for the next month until the Nike Women's Marathon! I want to get stronger everyday until then. Today started with my commitment to eating healthy and training smart every day. I want to be the strongest I have been come October 14, both physically and mentally. The last few weeks of Nike Training Challenges have helped me learn how to push myself and keep trying until I achieve my best result. The Rafa Nadal Mountain Climbers was my defining challenge. I finally reached the top of the leader board! I practiced and tried all week to reach this goal and finally I made it to 31 reps, my new personal best. 

The leader board in the Rafa Nadal challenge. My twitter handle @superwomankw made it to the top of the leader board with 31 reps! 

The Nike store in the Portland airport! 

Last week I was able to "Gear up for Greatness" when I received new gear from Nike Women to help me power through the last four weeks of training. I am in love with these new Free TR 2 trainers! Such a cute color that really pops at the gym and makes me want to do my fast feet NTC drills even faster! Look out Hope Solo 15 minute workout, my feet will be flying!

TR Trainer!
Also, I got some cold weather gear since the mornings here have turned chilly. I wore my new Nike Legend Tight Fit pants last week and the Nike Speed Long Sleeve shirt, complete with thumb holes, to keep me warm in the early morning. Nothing like compression gear to keep me warm on a long run in the morning. It fits like a second skin and I love it! The Relay Capri's are awesome too! I love running in capris because they are so versatile and work for a variety of weather. 

Last week I took some rest from running because I was having some IT Band problems, but it is time to get back on track with my training plan this week. I am picking my mileage back up and taking precautions to keep my legs, knees and IT band in top shape for October. It was so hard to stop running last week, especially when I kept seeing all my fellow #SistersInNike working hard and sticking with their training. I am so excited to be back at it!