Monday, April 30, 2012

April Goal Results

Today is the last day of April. I apologize for being away from my blog for so long, but I had a busy week and have a computer that it running on it's 9th life, so it is getting much harder to post as frequently as I would like. My week consisted of working two jobs, my regular eight-to-five and my new part time job doing marketing for the Sacramento Capitals World Team Tennis League in California. I also had a birthday and am now halfway to 50!

Along with my busy work schedule I had to fit in all my running and NTC April 1000 Challenge workouts. I am happy to say that I achieved my goal and even exceeded it by 140 minutes. 1140 minutes of hard core Nike Training Club drills is tough! I'm sure all of you who took on the challenge with me know what I am talking about. How did you all do? Are you feeling stronger, fitter, up for another challenge?

I also logged 89 miles running with Nike+. I have been tired sometimes this month, but overall I feel incredibly strong. I will be starting a running challenge for May so be sure to let me know what you think and how far you want to challenge yourself to run! I learned a lot about myself and my strengths during this challenge and writing out my goals and a schedule really helped me to stay on track. 

I also planned to run a 5k race on April 28 with Girls on the Run and was training for this goal as well. I raced on Saturday with two middle school age girls and finished up my final minutes of NTC today. Needless to say it feels great to have achieved my goals for this month and I can't wait to make new ones for may. I feel empowered and ready to take on the world!

I treated myself to a delicious Whole Foods sandwich following my final workouts and it tasted fantastic. Focusing on my diet as well as my fitness goals will be number one priority in May. Fruits, veggies and proteins to build strong muscles and fight fatigue will be my top priority. What are your summer healthy living goals? 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Australia, Travel and NikeGetFit

Marie Purvis of @nikegetfit has a blog! You can check it out at All Things Fitness. Currently she is down in Australia representing and prepping for the She Runs AU race in Australia. It's pretty exciting to see Nike spread their races all over the world and empower women wherever they are. They also chose a great representative and ambassador in Marie Purvis!

I am excited to start following this new blog. For one thing, I love all the advise that Marie Purvis gives via her Twitter handle @nikegetfit. And second, Australia has always been at the top of my list of places to travel and it is exciting to see it through the eyes of another fitness lover. Running through Australia looks like it would be an amazing experience and I can't wait until I get to visit! Perhaps I can plan my visit around a race such as the She Runs AU.

Fitness and travel are two great things to combine. You can see things in a city through running that you would miss if you spent all your time in a car. Running can slow down the speed of travel and keep you relaxed and less stressed in your new environment. Also, keeping up with your fitness goals is important even when on vacation or a business trip. Getting out and doing exercises outside and enjoying the views and architecture of a new place is a great way to enjoy your trip and stay fit. How do you stay fit while on vacation? Where do you do your workouts?

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Sacramento Capitals!

This past week has been so busy for me. I have been working hard to complete my April NTC Challenge,  work full time, play tennis, blog and start my new part time marketing job. It has definitely been a challenge to juggle it all. 

I am so excited about this opportunity to finally put my Marketing degree to use in something I love. As of this moment it is part time and I work after my other full time office job, but the potential for experience is incredible. I am going to be helping with the marketing for the Sacramento Capitals World Team Tennis. Tennis is one of my favorite sports to play and I am so excited for the opportunity to work with professional players and events.

I will be even more busy than I have been in the past, but I enjoy every challenge that is thrown my way and I will tackle each opportunity with the same vigor and passion that I attack my daily workouts with. I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nike Running Gear Guide

Getting the proper gear for your sport can make a world of difference in how well you train. It also doesn't hurt if it looks good too! I love the new site on Nike Women that asks you questions about your training to direct you to the best products for your sport. You start by choosing a category or look, such as shoes, apparel, etc. Next, you choose your sport and the place you may train. For example, if you are looking for shoes for tennis you will need to specify indoor or outdoor shoes. Next, they give you a list of products specially formulated for that sport. Pretty neat. I could spend hours going through all these great products, but my bank account keeps my spending at bay.

Here are a few of my favorite products found in the running category:

 Nike Running Dress $84 

The fabric on this dress is so lightweight, I could imagine running for miles in this and barely feeling it. Definitely at the top of my birthday list - which just happens to be at the end of April! Also, it has a fun feminine feel and wicks sweat away well. 

Nike Running Tailwind Women's Tank Top $42

With it's v-neck and racerback features this tank is sure to be a hit. Still feminine, but with all the support you need for a run. And it comes in 6 different colors. 

Nike Relay Women's Running Capri's $58

I love the slim fit and smooth lines of these capris. Also, you can fold the top down and sport Nike's motto while you run. Just Do It! 

Nike Free Run+ 3 $100

The flex grooves and dynamic fit system make these shoes the most flexible and stable of running shoes. I love the ability to feel like I have free range of motion and support. These have my approval.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Schedule for #NTCApril1000 Challenge

I am so happy that you joined my NTC Challenge! At this point I have trained a total of 495 minutes with the Nike Training Club App in April. The following is my schedule of NTC training and the workouts I will be doing. Feel free to do the same ones as me or choose you own. I began this challenge the first of April, and I know some of you joined me later, but with some hard work and dedication I know we can all achieve great things and become stronger NTC girls. If you complete this schedule of workouts you will complete 780 minutes of NTC. Hopefully you have already started the challenge, but if you haven't just ad a few more workouts and you'll be at 1000 minutes in no time! Also, you can choose to do only one of the workouts on a day if you would like. Feel free to mix it up! After all, this is YOUR workout time.


April 14: Rest day - 15 min. Shawn Johnson Stretch Guide

April 15: 45 min. Get Strong Intermediate Power Press and 15 minute Get Focused Ab Burner

April 16: 30 min. Get Lean Intermediate Slim Effect and 15 minute Hope Solo Unbeatable Workout

April 17: 15 min. Laura Enever Fierce Workout and 45 min. Leah Kim Advanced Yoga Workout

April 18: Rest Day

April 19: 30 min. Get Strong Advanced Be Explosive and 30 min. Li Na's Bonus Pre-Match Routine

April 20: 45 min. Get Lean Adrenaline Hit and 15 min. Lea Michelle Triple Threat

April 21: 45 min. Get Toned Advanced Total Impact and 15 min. Shawn Johnson Stretch Guide

April 22: Rest Day

April 23: 45 min. Get Strong Endurance Master and 15 min. Leah Kim Yoga Dynamic Workout

April 24: 30 min. Beginner Get Lean Sweat + Shape and 30 min. Fighter Fit

April 25: 45 min. Get Toned Advanced True Condition and 15 min. Jeanette Jenkins Hollywood Ab Blast.

April 26: 15 min. Sofia Boutella Fearless Workout and 45 min. Get Strong Tower of Power

April 27: 45 min. Jeanette Jenkins Ultimate Hollywood Kickboxing Workout and 15 min. Perri Shakes-Drayton's Fast and Flexible Workout.

April 28: Rest day

April 29: 45 min. Get Strong Advanced Gladiator and 15 min. Joselynne Boschen's Alpha Abs

April 30: 30 min. Dynamic Kettlebell Reward Workout and 30 minute Get Lean Advanced Shakedown

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April NTC Challenge!

Today was a great day, made even better by the excitement of meeting other NTC enthusiasts through Twitter and Nike Women. For those of you who don't know, NTC stands for Nike Training Club, which is a seriously tough and fun workout app created by Nike Master Trainer Marie Purvis. It can be done anywhere from your iphone or ipad device and is sweeping the country at select 24 hour fitness locations. Nike, here is a hint, bring NTC to Roseville, CA (I'd gladly be your instructor)!

This month is my April NTC Challenge. The goal is to complete 1000 minutes of training with the NTC app. I have already had a few people join me, such as the awesome Jenae Frick of YogaEatRun, Larinna Richards of, and my new Twitter challengers, @TiaraBeth, @nerissa_ann and anyone else who is joining in on the challenge!

I completed the 45 minute Get Toned, Intermediate, Competitor drills today. I am about to start my stretching with the Shawn Johnson 15 minute stretch workout. It was a good day and I am feeling stronger already. Every time I push myself with NTC I see a difference in my body and feel stronger.

If you want to join the challenge post a comment below or follow on Twitter with the hash tag #NTCApril1000, coined by YogaEatRun, thanks girl! I'd love to hear about your progress and motivate you when you don't feel like working out and getting motivation from you all when I am feeling like skipping a day. Let's stay strong together girls!

I will post my daily NTC schedule in my next post and you can do the same drills as me or make up your own. Good luck ladies! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nike Women Motivation

Today I want to share another Nike Women shout out. When I look for inspiration it is no secret that Nike Women is one of the first places I go. Whether it is their website, Twitter feed, or Facebook page, they are never short on motivation. One of the things that offers me a quick source of motivation is their photos. Their photos aways seem to show women empowering themselves through sports and fitness. 

Photos truly can speak louder that words and Nike Women's photos always speak to me. They just seem to know how to invoke motivation. Since I have set some big goals for this month I always need some motivation and will be frequenting their pages. Also, another great source of motivation is Jason Lester, with Nike's Journey for a Better World.

Jason is biking and running across the country to raise awareness for a better world. He is promoting doing all you can to make the world around you better. You can meet him and join in on a part of his journey at one of the local Nike Stores he stops at. Just check out for all the updates on his journey and where he is stopping next. Maybe you can't bike and run thousands of miles across the country, but you can go for a short run today and you can work on making the world a better place in your community. Volunteer at a local race, recycle cans and bottles, and promote awareness. 

Find something that gives you motivation and it will be much easier to stick to all of your goals. Find you passion and go on your own personal journey for a better life. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dreams, Goals and Nike Women

I thought that today I would share an essay I wrote for Nike Women about 2 years ago when I was in the running to become their next Nike Field Reporter. I was looking back on what I had written today and noticed a few goals that I had reached and some that are yet to come. It is exciting to see that even though I did not become the next Nike Field Reporter, though I was close, I did manage to achieve some of the things that I mentioned in my essay. I ran my first marathon and have become an inspiration to women all over the world via my blog. It may not be to the same scope that the Nike job would have been, but the important thing is to see that I did not give up and I continue to follow my dreams every day. I hope you enjoy this essay and find some inspiration of your own. 

Nike Field Reporter Essay

Born to play, born to compete. Always striving to achieve more than before. From gymnastics, to volleyball, basketball, tennis and snowboarding, there isn’t a sport that I won’t give my all to win. Reaching higher, getting stronger and training true, as the Nike Field Reporter I will constantly strive to get to the heart of athletes and actors alike. What makes them tick, how do they view the world, and what is their greatest success? Success on the court, I’ve felt it, I’ve lived it and it is amazing, but after the exhilaration, once they’re at home at night, what then is their true success?

            I’m driven to succeed, driven to achieve and I can’t imagine a day where I don’t get out of the house and have a tennis match, weight train or go for a run. From a very young age I had a competitive edge and saw sports as an outlet for my boundless energy. I always want to be the best and throughout grade school I managed to achieve this. I loved gymnastics, track, dodge ball, and softball, anything that allowed me to compete. I worked hard to excel at these sports and would spend hours practicing everyday. It paid off in those early years with multiple “most improved player” awards. This ability to focus on a sport and succeed allowed me to focus on other areas of my life as well and I excelled at more than just sports. For me sports became more than just something I did, they became a part of who I am. Sports are more than just ways to fill time. Sports mold lives, stir passions, and evoke emotions only other athletes can empathize with.

When Roger Federer cries in the agony of defeat I feel his pain because I have been there. I know what defeat feels like, how it hurts, how it drives me to achieve more. When the world wrote Roger off as: too old, slipping, not able to keep up, he rewrote history; winning the French Open and Wimbledon back-to-back and then went on to win the Australian Open. He grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat and proved to the world that he’s not through yet. He won’t give up his passion and neither will I.

Giving up is not in my vocabulary. When I was in high school I was told it was unlikely I would make varsity, ever. By the end of that season I had improved so much I was a varsity swing player and by the following year was the starting center for my high school team. I trained, I practiced, I played, I failed, I succeeded. Success came after heartbreak. That success led to an exciting college basketball career in which I was named captain and MVP of my team. Success comes from the unlikeliest places. Success comes from within, no one is born successful, but they take what they are given and they become. I became a basketball player; I became an athlete.

Athletes rise to the occasion when it matters. In a clinch moment on the court with seconds remaining, a true athlete rises up. They do what needs to be done; they become a star. As an athlete I want to rise up, to become more, to reach higher, run farther, and become stronger. I will be a reporter who gives my all, who connects with athletes and movie stars, singers and little league players. I will share my passion with the sporting world. I want my passion to become your passion.

I want to train with top athletes, learn what drives them, challenge them and show the world not only what makes them great on the court, but what makes them great to their families, what passions they share with us, and what they do to relax. I want to show the passion athletes have when working with their charities and I want to experience them from the inside.

I want to run the women’s marathon with other women like myself. I will encourage women everywhere to push themselves to dream, achieve, and succeed. As the NFR my job is to connect with women, to inspire them to dream bigger and jump higher. I won’t rest until I have done everything in my power to ensure that women are being inspired through training, learning from athletes and keeping up-to-date on what is happening in the sports and entertainment world.

From Beaverton, to Sydney, to Beijing, women across the world are training to become stronger athletes and stronger people. And what better way to bring athletes together than to bring them to the Nike Women Website. A place created for women, updated by women, pertaining to topics women love and providing an excellent training program that can be performed anywhere and at anytime. Nike Women leads the charge for women, it inspires, it impresses and it is a one-stop shop, news and exercise center for women. I can’t imagine a better job than becoming the next NFR. Inspiring women to believe in themselves, believe in their athleticism and to gain inspiration from Nike athletes is a task I am ready to take on. From blogging, to training, interviews, and photo shoots. I am ready to become the face of and inspire others to do the same.

Because of sports I am who I am today. I was able to make good decisions and stick to them because of the discipline I learned participating in sports. I want to show women the freedom that sports bring to their lives. Set a goal, train for it, and believe. You will succeed. You will become the face of success, the face of athleticism. You can’t win every point or every game, but what you learn from your failures and use to succeed, that is what makes you a champion. Champions, you know where it’s happening, I’ll see you at

The movie I shot for this competition can be seen on my YouTube feed at the left of the home page of my blog. It is the first video, "Karen for Nike." 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I Learned from Baylor

Did anyone see the amazing championship basketball game that Baylor played to with the NCAA National Championship? I'm sorry to say that I missed it and I will be looking up highlights and replays online to catch myself up.

It was an amazing accomplishment and one that teaches lessons I hope to apply to my life. There are many lessons to be learned from this team. They reached perfection and completed a record perfect season. But it's not about the perfection or even the incredible coach behind this team. It's about how they played the game, how they practiced and how they sacrificed to reach a common goal.

Discipline is what it takes to make a great basketball team. This team was incredibly talented, disciplined and trained. They had the drive and fire to win. I wish my college basketball team would have had even half the discipline that this team had. Winning and success take sacrifice and this team was willing to give their all to reach that. The practiced, they played, they bonded and they believed.

To be honest, I haven't watched much women's basketball recently, but Baylor's win has made me realize my error. I plan to read more about this team and put into practice their approach to teamwork and discipline in my training and workout routine. I may never have a chance to play for a National Championship or play for a perfect 40-0 season. I can, however, work hard in the gym and train with the mentality of putting everything on the line. Giving my all 100% of the time.

Thanks Baylor for teaching me that success comes with discipline and making me a believer in in the power of practice.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Girls on the Run

I am so excited to share my new endeavor with you all. I am going to begin volunteering with Girls on the Run! GOTR is a national non-profit organization that teaches young girls in middle school the importance of running and having a healthy attitude and self-respect. It is an amazing organization and I am excited about the upcoming participation opportunities as a running buddy and organizer. 

It is exciting to know that I will be doing something that I love and will be able to share that with other girls. Running is one of my favorite forms of exercise and it will be exciting to share my love of running with others. My first 5k race with Girls on the Run will be in 4 weeks. I am excited about the training I will do in the interim and to see the excitement on the girls faces on race day! 

Volunteering always leaves me feeling successful and wanting more. I am looking forward to this new experience and hope that I will make many new friends with similar goals. As an athlete, being able to give back and teach others that value of fitness and goal setting is one of the best things you can do. I am looking forward to sharing my passion!

If you want to get involved be sure to look up and find your local chapter. If there is not one in your area why not start one yourself? Happy volunteering! 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shawn Johnson NTC Challenge

It's April 1st today and that means many different things for many different people. For some, it is a day where they prank their friends mercilessly. For others, the mark of the beginning of the second quarter of the year. For me, the beginning of April means the end of my March Shawn Johnson stretch challenge. As promised I will share my results from stretching faithfully for an entire month. 

Surprisingly enough, I was able to complete my challenge right where I wanted to. I only missed 3 days of stretching the entire month of march, leaving for 28 days of intense, 15 minute Nike Training Club stretching. I missed two days while away on vacation and at a tennis tournament in which my schedule was switched around and I was unable to fit the stretching in and the third day was due to taking an extreme rest day and not doing any exercise, even stretching. 

I am sure you are wondering how it went, did I gain any physical benefits or am I still where I left off? The truth is that about the second week in I began to feel like I could more easily reach my toes and extend my body farther than before. Week 3 I hit a bit of a stagnant spot of just going though the motions. The final week I really noticed my work paying off. I felt like my muscles were longer and more flexible and noticed a difference in my runs. 

I don't get as tight as I used to, and when I do get tight I immediately do some stretches to loosen my muscles. I have learned some great ones and now have a stockpile in my memory bank to pull out when I am feeling stiff. I have begun to make stretching a significant part of my daily workout routine and know that I will be feeling the benefits far into the future. 

I also treated myself to a professional massage during my final week as a reward for my hard work. I usually foam roll my muscles twice a week, but having a professional massage was a real treat. It's always good to have a reward planned for putting in the hard work and a massage was just the thing that I needed. 

This is my 100th blog post, as well as the completion of my first challenge, so today is a huge day for me. I am excited to be sharing my fitness journey with you and hope you are learning some valuable information. I have a new challenge for April and hope you will join me in pushing yourself and seeing how far you can go and how many goals you can reach.

April Challenge
Run 80 Miles 
Complete 1000 minutes of  NTC drills 

Share your fitness goals with me or join me in my monthly challenges. Remember that you are the only one with the power to change. Make something happen today and remember to Make Every Move Count!