Saturday, April 14, 2012

Schedule for #NTCApril1000 Challenge

I am so happy that you joined my NTC Challenge! At this point I have trained a total of 495 minutes with the Nike Training Club App in April. The following is my schedule of NTC training and the workouts I will be doing. Feel free to do the same ones as me or choose you own. I began this challenge the first of April, and I know some of you joined me later, but with some hard work and dedication I know we can all achieve great things and become stronger NTC girls. If you complete this schedule of workouts you will complete 780 minutes of NTC. Hopefully you have already started the challenge, but if you haven't just ad a few more workouts and you'll be at 1000 minutes in no time! Also, you can choose to do only one of the workouts on a day if you would like. Feel free to mix it up! After all, this is YOUR workout time.


April 14: Rest day - 15 min. Shawn Johnson Stretch Guide

April 15: 45 min. Get Strong Intermediate Power Press and 15 minute Get Focused Ab Burner

April 16: 30 min. Get Lean Intermediate Slim Effect and 15 minute Hope Solo Unbeatable Workout

April 17: 15 min. Laura Enever Fierce Workout and 45 min. Leah Kim Advanced Yoga Workout

April 18: Rest Day

April 19: 30 min. Get Strong Advanced Be Explosive and 30 min. Li Na's Bonus Pre-Match Routine

April 20: 45 min. Get Lean Adrenaline Hit and 15 min. Lea Michelle Triple Threat

April 21: 45 min. Get Toned Advanced Total Impact and 15 min. Shawn Johnson Stretch Guide

April 22: Rest Day

April 23: 45 min. Get Strong Endurance Master and 15 min. Leah Kim Yoga Dynamic Workout

April 24: 30 min. Beginner Get Lean Sweat + Shape and 30 min. Fighter Fit

April 25: 45 min. Get Toned Advanced True Condition and 15 min. Jeanette Jenkins Hollywood Ab Blast.

April 26: 15 min. Sofia Boutella Fearless Workout and 45 min. Get Strong Tower of Power

April 27: 45 min. Jeanette Jenkins Ultimate Hollywood Kickboxing Workout and 15 min. Perri Shakes-Drayton's Fast and Flexible Workout.

April 28: Rest day

April 29: 45 min. Get Strong Advanced Gladiator and 15 min. Joselynne Boschen's Alpha Abs

April 30: 30 min. Dynamic Kettlebell Reward Workout and 30 minute Get Lean Advanced Shakedown