Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nike Women Motivation

Today I want to share another Nike Women shout out. When I look for inspiration it is no secret that Nike Women is one of the first places I go. Whether it is their website, Twitter feed, or Facebook page, they are never short on motivation. One of the things that offers me a quick source of motivation is their photos. Their photos aways seem to show women empowering themselves through sports and fitness. 

Photos truly can speak louder that words and Nike Women's photos always speak to me. They just seem to know how to invoke motivation. Since I have set some big goals for this month I always need some motivation and will be frequenting their pages. Also, another great source of motivation is Jason Lester, with Nike's Journey for a Better World.

Jason is biking and running across the country to raise awareness for a better world. He is promoting doing all you can to make the world around you better. You can meet him and join in on a part of his journey at one of the local Nike Stores he stops at. Just check out for all the updates on his journey and where he is stopping next. Maybe you can't bike and run thousands of miles across the country, but you can go for a short run today and you can work on making the world a better place in your community. Volunteer at a local race, recycle cans and bottles, and promote awareness. 

Find something that gives you motivation and it will be much easier to stick to all of your goals. Find you passion and go on your own personal journey for a better life.