Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April NTC Challenge!

Today was a great day, made even better by the excitement of meeting other NTC enthusiasts through Twitter and Nike Women. For those of you who don't know, NTC stands for Nike Training Club, which is a seriously tough and fun workout app created by Nike Master Trainer Marie Purvis. It can be done anywhere from your iphone or ipad device and is sweeping the country at select 24 hour fitness locations. Nike, here is a hint, bring NTC to Roseville, CA (I'd gladly be your instructor)!

This month is my April NTC Challenge. The goal is to complete 1000 minutes of training with the NTC app. I have already had a few people join me, such as the awesome Jenae Frick of YogaEatRun, Larinna Richards of, and my new Twitter challengers, @TiaraBeth, @nerissa_ann and anyone else who is joining in on the challenge!

I completed the 45 minute Get Toned, Intermediate, Competitor drills today. I am about to start my stretching with the Shawn Johnson 15 minute stretch workout. It was a good day and I am feeling stronger already. Every time I push myself with NTC I see a difference in my body and feel stronger.

If you want to join the challenge post a comment below or follow on Twitter with the hash tag #NTCApril1000, coined by YogaEatRun, thanks girl! I'd love to hear about your progress and motivate you when you don't feel like working out and getting motivation from you all when I am feeling like skipping a day. Let's stay strong together girls!

I will post my daily NTC schedule in my next post and you can do the same drills as me or make up your own. Good luck ladies!