Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Visit to Nike!

This past weekend I had the chance to visit Nike World Headquarters! I was so excited to be able to visit and take my first ever Live NTC class from Marie Purvis! I flew in to Portland the night before around midnight and stayed with one of my friends who lives near Nike. Then I woke up bright and early and met at Nike's Bo Jackson Sports and Wellness Center to train with NTC. It was still dark at 6:15 in the morning but probably 50+ Nike Employees lined up on the soccer field to get their sweat on to start their day. I felt so privileged to be a part of this experience. It was such a kick butt workout. It was a nice change up from the App and I really enjoyed the live element and camaraderie of the other students. Below are a few pictures from my visit!

The Bo Jackson Sports and Wellness Center! Good times were had here.

A street named "Nike World Campus." Could there be a better street name?

The darkness before my NTC class and the lights shining from the Bo Jackson building.

Sunrise over Lake Nike!

 The field where live NTC was held.

I challenge you to a race!

 No doubt in my mind that this is the best track ever. Surrounded by trees both outside the track and in the middle. This is a bit of a Nike oasis!

 My fortune a dinner this weekend. Hopefully this means great things for my goal of becoming a trainer and eventually working at Nike, the happiest place on earth!

Happy training, wherever you may be doing it!