Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Taking Time to Enjoy the Forest

I love the city and running on paved sidewalks. I like the hustle and bustle and this time of year I love running past holiday decorations. I don't get to hike or run in the forest very often, but I did have the chance last weekend. My family and I piled into my Jeep and headed out on a twisting, single lane road full of potholes. I wish that I was closer to the Redwoods, I would go there more often, but instead I cherish the times I get to go. I love the smell of crisp, fresh air and the sound of the path beneath my feet. This particular Redwood grove can feel like your personal forest. When you stop to listen it is peacefully quiet. Dare I say it is where I imagine some scenes from The Hunger Games taking place. Katniss would do well here with her bow and arrow.

Imagining I Have Super Human Strength

There are so many good places to run and to pose for photos. I could imagine an awesome running photo shoot happening here. It's the perfect place to capture brilliant green hues and have trails all to yourself. There is beauty here and signs of a fire that ripped through the forest years ago. What is amazing is that the trees survived. In fact, some of these Redwoods have been here for thousands of years and their trunks are huge! It's a humbling and inspiring place to visit. 

The Family Photo

It doesn't look cold in the photo, but it was! Which brings me to my Athleta shout-out. I was so glad I thought to bring my Athleta Downalicious Jacket! This jacket is so lightweight and yet has such good insulation against the cold. Also, did you notice the fun side zip to give it some extra style? It's the perfect jacket for winter. If you're looking for a great jacket for heading out in the cold or an afternoon hike in the woods, this is it. It would also make a great Christmas gift!

Athleta Downalicious Jacket

The Redwoods are just one of the places I like to visit in Northern California. Since I get to go so infrequently, they will always have a special place in my heart. On May 4th, 2014 the Avenue of the Giants Marathon and Half Marathon are taking place. Listed by Runner's World magazine as one of the most scenic courses, I plan on adding this race to my must do events! Anyone want to join me? You can't ask for a better view than running through towering trees and the temperature is always great! The registration fee right now is only $60 for the full marathon and $50 for the half marathon. Register early before these rates go up! 

It may be the Oregon girl in me, but I love running through trees and exploring new forests. I can't wait to go back soon.