Saturday, February 1, 2014

Can Olympic Athletes Help You Live a Better Life?

The winter Olympics are almost here and I cannot wait! I am one of those people who tries to watch every single event. I just can't get enough. I wish they happened every year - though that would probably take something away from the achievements of the athletes. They are more special when they only happen every four years. The triumphs and upsets mean so much more when participants have to wait four more years to defend their titles or make a comeback.

This year I am really looking forward to watching snowboarding, especially women's snowboarding. I met pro snowboarder, Elena Hight, at the espnW Women and Sports Summit last fall and was really inspired by her. We did the Surfset Fitness class together and she was incredible. Her core is so strong! One word describes her, INSPIRING! Want to learn more about her and snag a sneak peak of her awesome workout? Pick up the latest issue of Oxygen magazine. She is the cover model for the February issue and she rocks it! 

Olympic athletes are the most dedicated individuals. They train for years, and in most cases the majority of their life, for one chance to show the world that they are the best. They train for themselves, for family members, and for their country. The Olympic legacy spreads across centuries and with each new games, new stories of triumph and belief in what the human body and spirit are capable of is born. 

We can't all be Olympic athletes, but we can all have the heart of an Olympic athlete. Olympians are strong, fierce, dedicated, devoted, focused and confident. I have listed the top seven things I have learned from watching the Olympics and meeting Olympic athletes. If we could all apply these things to our lives the world would be a better place.

  • Never settle for ordinary or for second best. Keep your hunger to constantly strive for improvement. 
  • Failure is never final. Get up and try again. Everyone fails, but it's the ones who get back up that become champions.
  • Get a team around you that supports you. They will be your biggest ally in victory and in defeat.
  • Watch what you eat. When your body feels good you will perform better. Just because you aren't an Olympic athlete doesn't give you a reason to treat your body poorly. 
  • Working out is a daily activity. It is a year round commitment. Olympians don't only train during the season, they train to maintain all year round. If you want to feel better about your body, feel stronger and get sick less, EXERCISE daily!
  • No matter what your dreams are, no matter who tells you that you won't make it, you make your own destiny. Practice makes perfect. Follow your dreams. 
  • Fame is temporary. A gold medal only provides temporary joy. It's what you do with your ability after the glory is over that makes it all worthwhile. Make sure you give back to your community. We all have the power to make a change and make the world a better place. 
The Olympics offer a platform for inspiration. In the coming weeks I will laugh, cry and cheer on athletes to victory. I believe in what they are working towards and the goals they are trying to accomplish. They are pushing the boundaries of what has been done and what can be done. What if we all strived to achieve more than we did yesterday?