Friday, January 31, 2014

Taking 2014 By Storm

January is coming to an end. It's hard to believe that the first month of the new year is almost over! This year I am trying to reevaluate my goals at the end of each month, look back at what I have accomplished and make a plan to achieve a new goal in the coming month.

This month I have been able to research out my options for personal trainer programs and plan on finalizing and registering for my program in February. I am leaning towards the ACE CPT certification. I have also been able to stick to my goal of stretching more this past month and plan on continuing this throughout the year.

My overall goal for 2014 is to break into the fitness world as a certified trainer and motivate others everyday to be better and stronger. It is my true passion and I have to stop worrying about whether or not I can make it in the fitness world and just jump right in and start working! Get ready to hear a lot more from me in 2014! 

I have also become an ambassador for the Zooma Women's Race Series in Napa Valley and couldn't be more excited to help promote this women's only event! I have a passion for helping women learn how fitness and running can help them build confidence and stronger lives and this is the perfect platform for me to share that love. Stay tuned for more information this coming month and a special discount race code from me to you! 

Remember to dream big, set attainable goals and make your vision a reality. What are your goals for 2014? How are you working on achieving them? Let me know in the comments!