Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Strutting My Runner Style!

I love running and dressing the part. I feel better about my running when I dress in the correct gear. For some reason - feeling like I look good while running boosts my mood and helps me run faster and harder. Recently, bright colors have been in and for good reason. Bright colors make you more visible on the road. Drivers can spot someone in bright colors much better than someone blending in with the scenery. One of my favorite bright running accessories is my compression socks. They come in every color of the rainbow and more patterns than you can imagine. Some of my favorites are Nike, Feetures!, CEP and Pro Compression. I can pair them with any outfit and immediately add a pop of color. 

Often when I'm finished with my run I still like to dress sporty. One of my new favorite outfits is a pair of leggings or printed tights with a cute pair of sneakers. Some fun shoes to dress up any casual outfit are the Nike Dunk Ski Hi's! They come in all different colors, prints and styles. My favorite pair is from the Liberty of London collection and is pictured below. 

Whether you are going out on the town, to a movie or out to dinner, these kicks can be paired with tights, jeans or even with a dress for a fun sports, chic look. Want to turn some heads? Grab a pair of Sky Hi's. If you are feeling a little more low-key just put on your favorite pair of sneakers and lace up.

I'm a runner and that manifests itself in all areas of my life. I happen to love living in workout clothes and casual sneakers, but not everyone is like me. Don't be afraid to try a new look every once in a while and strut your runner style, whatever that may be. Have a race coming up? Wear a fun, spunky outfit to the expo. Have fun with your sport!

What is your favorite casual, post workout outfit?