Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Feel Like I'm 26 going on 80!

Do you ever feel like your body is just out of sync? This week I have been feeling a bit off. At first I thought it was from not working out as often as I wanted, then I thought it was from the weights I lifted, but I am beginning to realize it is a combination of many things I haven't been doing right lately. I have been exercising and I even tried a new gym this week with a new trainer. My workouts have been great! It's before and after them that my body just feels dead. I finally decided that enough was enough and have been looking for the problem so that I can set about solving it. 

So, what's out of place in my life? First off, I have been working a lot from home at my very desk centric job. I spend hours sitting which is not good! I most likely look like the very hunched over model in the photo below. To see the dangers of sitting like this click here. My shoulders have been extremely tight and my neck has been hurting. Bottom line - it's my fault. I keep meaning to purchase a standing desk, or any desk at all for that matter, and set it up in the office but I have neglected to make it a priority and now I am paying a price. 

Moral of the story. Make time for ensuring that you are sitting at a properly sized desk and take breaks every hour. They don't have to be long breaks, but at least get up once and move around. Do 30 jumping jacks, walk around your building or do some yoga poses. Your body, health and employer will be thankful that you cared enough for yourself to make time to stay healthy! For an even better burn, get the whole office involved. An office that is fit together, stays together!

The second thing that is out of sync is my lack of carving out time for myself to relax and stretch! I am so inflexible it's not even funny, but that will only get worse the more I run and older I get, so stretching needs to be a part of my every day routine. I have actually committed to it and have done it the past few days. You know what? I feel so much better! If you can't get to a gym or studio just do some simple poses in your living room or out on your lawn. I like to do Leah Kim's yoga workout that is free on the Nike Training Club app. I feel much more relaxed and rejuvenated after only a 15 minute yoga session. Here are some at home poses you can do when you just have a short time frame or before bed to relax your muscles. 
  • Forward Fold for 1-minute
  • Downward dog for 1-minute
  • Sun Salutations for 2-minutes
  • Warrior I and Warrior II for 2 minutes
  • Child's pose for 2-minutes
Trust me. Do these poses for just a few days and you'll notice a huge difference in your flexibility and relaxation. 

Finally, I have not been drinking nearly enough water! I have noticed a very obvious let down in my runs and have been more tired and irritable. Yes - water is to blame! We may be in a drought in California, but that is not a reason for me to quit drinking water. My lawn may get a little dried up - but I can't do that to myself. 

What am I doing to solve this problem? A water timer! Yes, my phone will alert me every hour to drink more water. My goal is to down four water bottles a day and I believe this is a fool proof plan! I will also be adding Nuun to my water pre and post run for added electrolytes. Dehydration has met it's match!

I'm taking steps to correct some imbalances in my life and these are just a few that I have noticed. Maybe you are experiencing the same thing or perhaps another part of your life is out of sync. I encourage you to evaluate what you need to do to get back on track and start enjoying your days! Sometimes it's the little things that we neglect on a daily basis that make a huge difference.