Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Your Feet are Important Runner Feetures!

Runner's feet are so important! When my feet hurt or have blisters my whole run will suffer. I have always been one to love new socks. I try to keep a new pair around in case the need arises. New socks make my feet feel good and that transfers to a great day and an even better run. Maybe you agree, maybe you don't, but my feet love to be pampered, especially when they have to run so many miles on concrete roads. That being said, I am always looking for socks that make my feet feel great both before, during and after a run. 

Yes - my socks do match my shoes!

Last year I discovered Feetures! brand socks. They are pretty awesome and great quality. They have different types for different activities and I have really enjoyed trying them all out. So what makes Feetures! so great? For one, the company is constantly innovating and focused on great fit. Their socks feature power bands of Lycra designed to contour to the shape of your foot and give you support and compression where you need it most. They also feel amazing - my favorite socks are the Elite Merino+ Light Cushion No Show Tab sock. I love how warm they keep my feet during winter running and they insulate my feet even when wet because of the merino wool. No blisters! They also have a lifetime guarantee and truly care about their customers. They are a company I can get behind.

Feetures! socks feature a "Perfect Toe" fit. This is their trademarked seam-free toe closure. The toe closure is hand-linked so that the inside and outside surface of the sock is completely smooth. This commitment to detail eliminates the irritation of traditional toe seams and makes running more enjoyable. Feetures! brand has really looked into the details of sock manufacturing and makes a great product.

Raspberry Reflector Elite Merino+ {My Favorite}

My obsession with socks paid off and I have the privilege of representing Feetures! brand as an ambassador this year. I got an amazing allotment of socks for myself and to share with friends and blog readers - so it's your lucky year! Check out their fun assortment of colors below and check out their website to see their brand new spring colors! Trust me, you are going to want to snag a pair or two. Feetures! makes low-cut socks, tab back socks, crew socks and even compression socks for recovery and performance. They've got you covered for whatever type of running or activity you prefer. 

New socks - a runner's dream!

I'd like to give a big shout out to the two winners of my January Nike Training Club fitness challenge. They will be the first recipients of brand new Feetures! brand socks for their achievements during January. Congratulations to Emily and Ashley on reaching your January goals. Stay tuned for more challenges and contests throughout the year! I'd also like to mention that Feetures! is a sponsor of the Zooma Run Napa Valley race series and when you run their race you get a free pair of socks in your swag bag! Score! If you want to run this race be sure to sign up with my ambassador code to receive 10% off registration: NAMB3. I hope to see you there!

NTC January Challenge Winners Announcement

I hope you will give Feetures! socks a try and let me know what you think! Take care of your feet and treat them right during training for races. Runners feet are precious and making sure you have the right gear to protect them is very important. Have you tried Feetures! socks before? What did you think? Let me know!