Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Amazing 2012

2012 has been an amazing year. I can't even begin to describe all of the amazing things that Nike has done for me to help me become a better athlete, reach for me dreams and set high goals for myself that I never thought possible. It may be a little early for a 2012 recap with new years still over a month away but I wanted to share how much I have grown this year and how thankful I am for all that my friends, family, and the team at Nike has done for me to make this year spectacular.

January was a big month for me and as I started a new job and started focusing more on my fitness and my blog. I had big goals for the year and shared them with you here on this blog. My four goals are listed below.

  • Run a second marathon and beat my previous time
  • Become NASM personal trainer certified
  • Become Nike Training Club certified
  • Get my Blackbelt in Taekwondo

Over the year I was able to meet two of my goals. On October 6, 2012 I became a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and the following week, on October 14, I beat my marathon PR by 18 minutes with a time of 4:29. Nike was an integral part of my achievement of this goal as they picked me as an ambassador for the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco and I was able to enjoy the marathon through the eyes of Nike. I participated in photo shoots and spent time with many Nike employees that just served to make me more intrigued by the company as a whole and how they do business. Nike gave me an insight into how they interact with consumers and work for their target market and are involving everyday people into their campaigns. It was such a valuable experience.

As for the goals I have yet to meet, the personal trainer certification has not gone as planned. I was having a hard time deciding which certification to take and recently changed my mind and am leaning towards the American Council on Exercise (ACE) certification. I plan to complete my personal trainer certification by January or February of 2013. As for the Nike Training Club Certification, Nike only picks certain trainers to teach their classes, but I am going to continue to pursue this option and look for opportunities to become a part of this amazing team.

Looking ahead, I don't know where my path may lead but I am going to continue spreading my fitness and running journey with you all here. I have also started a new twitter account @sistersinnike to continue sharing my journey and the journeys of each woman who shares this passion. Check it our and hit me up with your ideas for what you want to see highlighted. Personal interviews, photos, gear guides? Tell me what you want to see!