Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nike+ Kinect Training Review

I purchased Nike+ Kinect Training on October 31st. I told my husband it was my Halloween present. I have been anticipating this game coming out for months, ever since Nike announced its creation this summer. I wanted to put it on my Christmas wish list, but that only lasted a day before I caved and made a late night trip to Target to pick up the game! I love improving my fitness and am always looking for new ways to challenge my body and keep me fired up to improve my speed, strength and overall fitness level. This Kinect game is more like using a personal trainer, than an actual game, but it really keeps me accountable for showing up to workout and making sure I have the correct form during the drills. 

The first think I noticed about the game was how easy it is to set up and link with your Nike+ account so you can track your progress everyday. You do a custom fitness assessment before the Nike Trainer of your choice (Marie Purvis or Alex Molden) sets a program for you to reach your fitness goals. I chose Marie as my trainer and the Get Strong program and I have been doing tons of squats, lunges, pushups, weights and drills to help me reach my goals. I just completed my first week Friday and am on to the second week of my four week program. The program grows with you and gets more intense as your fitness improves. 

My first day with Kinect Training. Got my Fuel Print!

The great thing about Nike products is how well they integrate with the other fitness devices that Nike promotes. I have a Fuelband that tracks my daily activity and earns me Fuel points throughout the day. Along with this same idea, I earn Fuel points with each Kinect workout I complete. Depending how long and how hard I workout with the program I earn Fuel points to track my progress. My progress is automatically downloaded to the Nike+ website where I can see my progress in a timeline. There is also  a Nike+ Kinect Training app that you can check any time throughout the day. I also get reminders sent directly to my phone to alert me that I have an upcoming Kinect Training workout. 

All of my Nike+ devices track my daily activity and show it in one place!

You might be thinking that this is a great game, but what if I want to challenge my friends or see how I rank against others? The challenge section of the game allows you to train live with friends around the globe and challenge them for the top spot on weekly challenges. You can also complete in global challenges that happen every two minutes and see how you rank amongst everyone competing in that same challenge! It's a great way to get your competitive juices flowing! This week I am in the top spot in the Leg Matrix Challenge and I hope I can stay there! 

Top spot in the weekend challenge! 

If you've been looking for a way to up your game and challenge your body, this game is for you. It's also great for these short winter days when you don't want to go outside or when you get snowed in. No excuses for not completing your workout! If you want to challenge me just add me to your friends list, gamer tag: superwomankw. 

Happy Training!