Monday, February 18, 2013

Running to my Goals

This last week was a whirlwind of activity. I ran 22 miles last week, but they were not the distances called for on my plan. I was able to get my sprint workout done at the track and it felt great! I enjoy long distance running and the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a marathon, but I think the track is my favorite. I love the feeling of pushing myself at an all out sprint and going fast! If I could be in an Olympic sport involving running it would definitely be the track. 

Today I am gearing up for an 11 mile long run. I have the Shamrock'n Half-Marathon coming up in four weeks and my training has been a bit harder with so many life events getting in the way. Moving, coaching girls basketball and working all seem to be taking place of my running. I have still been getting in 3-4 runs a week, they just aren't as long or fast as I would like. That is all changing today, since I have a holiday from work I finally have some time to run!

I also have a very exciting interview planned this morning. I don't want to say too much about it because I don't want to get prematurely excited, but it is big! No matter how prepared I am, interviews can still be very nerve wracking. Wish me luck!