Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Social Running

Running is a sport that has grown over the last 50 years. It has been and always will be a sport that welcomes anyone and everyone. It is a non-judgmental sport that allows for constant improvement. Recently, running has become incredibly social with the growth of social media. Personally, I have become more of a runner due to the support I have gotten from other runners around the world. I have friends I compete with in England, Canada and Australia. Whether I am having a good day, a bad day, a great run or a slow day, I can always look to my Twitter and Instagram followers for support. 

Today I went for a run with my boss, yes she is that cool! Running has definitely given my boss and I common ground to bond with. It's a relationship builder. After my run I posted a picture to Twitter and Instagram, and got cheers for my efforts. I love receiving feedback from the Nike Running team or from my friends after my runs. It is so motivational. I know that my social friends will always be there to motivate and inspire me. Plus, I'm very competitive and having friends that can challenge me to push myself further is great!

Today, Robin Arzon, the creator of the blog Shut Up and Run and a panel of influential runners and social media guru's from companies such as Nike Running, Google, Runner's World and tech companies, held a discussion on the implications of running and the social sphere. It was an amazing event that showed how running has evolved into more than just a solitary sport and into a movement. You can watch the replay of the event here

Social tech products such as the Nike+ Fuelband, Nike Running App, Nike GPS Sportwatch or Nike+ Missions Game all have been game changers in the world of sports. How I make it count everyday is measured by my different tech devices. When I'm having a tough day or not feeling like getting out there I look to my social friends to pick me up and push me out the door. One of my favorite tools is the Nike+ Fuelband because I can set my goal and then have to push myself each day to reach it, no matter what. Running is the best way that I earn NikeFuel.

My run crew is social, it is the group I ran my second marathon with in San Francisco when we were ambassadors for Nike Women together. We are #sistersinnike and we motivate and empower each other everyday to succeed. The power of a group of people, a crew, is incredible and together we have achieved great things. All of us have improved our running pace and our friendships through running together. Social media has given us the ability to run virtually together and cheer each other on from afar. 

Social media is constantly changing and in the running world it is becoming a movement. New crews are popping up everyday and there are networks around the world to motivate and inspire. I have jumped on the social running train and am learning more everyday. 

How are your using the social world to enhance your running? Are you in need of some inspiration? Follow me on Twitter @superwomankw and let's join the movement together!