Friday, June 14, 2013

Inspired by Yurbuds!

I am always looking for headphones for two reasons. Reason number one is that I keep losing them! Reason number two is that they just DO NOT stay in my ears. Enter on the scene - yurbuds. I was skeptical at first, wondering if they lived up to their claim. I reached out to yurbuds and they sent me a pair to test and review. 

The first thing I noticed about yurbuds was the colors. They sent me the turquoise ones and they go so well with my running clothes. Feminine colors, check! After noticing the awesome color choice I noticed the box said that the pair I received was developed for women, by women. Awesome! Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against male designers, but when the product is specifically for a woman it just makes sense that a women would know what women are looking for best. 

"Guaranteed to Never Fall Out," was emblazoned on the front of the box and I was ready to test this claim out. I am a runner and earphones are always falling out while I do sprints or in the middle of my long runs. It's annoying! Day one I took them on a treadmill run. Lots of bouncing and sprint work on the treadmill and the earphones did not budge. This was one happy runner! 

Next stop was weights and then plyos and burpees. Twist, jump, bounce, nothing would make these earphones pop out of my ears. I credit the sweat and water resistant silicone ear covers for this. The earbuds also have a "Twist Lock" system that means when you put the earbud in your ear (specific for each ear), you must turn it sideways and then twist it back into your ear to lock it down. It helps the earphone stay in place. After three weeks of testing I can truthfully say I have had absolutely no problems with the earbuds falling out. I've run on the track, trail, road and even taken them through a cardio class with zero problems. 

As for my constant loss of earbuds, my pair of yurbuds came with a sport carry pouch to store my earphones in so that I don't lose them. It also keeps the cord from getting knotted when not in use. We all know how annoying trying to unwind headphone cords can be! They headphones also have two sizes of silicone earphone covers to adjust for different ear sizes and a clip to hold the yurbuds in place. Score!

As an extra perk, my yurbuds were equipped with a speaker so I can take phone calls without having to pull my earphones out. I got to test this out day two at the gym when my mom called. You can adjust the volume right from the yurbuds cord where the microphone is located so it is easy to use and hassle free!

In conclusion, as I train for my third marathon this fall at the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco, I am going to be sporting my yurbuds headphones on every run. I am one satisfied customer! Can you tell from my cheesy smile in the photo? These headphones are great for training. If you're looking for a new pair I suggest you check out the yurbuds website or your local running store. They have some amazing new styles and have the in-ear style like I am wearing or an over the ear version as well. There is something for everyone on their site. Check them out and let me know what you think!