Thursday, June 6, 2013

What's In My Gym Bag

EspnW is holding an Instagram photo contest and one of their photos this week was "what's in your gym bag?" I posted this photo of my gear. First and foremost there are bright colors and that just makes workouts more fun and also increases visibility on the road. It's always important to be safe! Second, my favorite gear from Athleta - this awesome running tank and bright blue Relay Running Capri. They are so soft! If you're running the See Jane Run Half Marathon this weekend look out for me in my blue capris! I can't go anywhere without my favorite NIKEiD running shoes and Sportwatch. Nuun hydration tabs, KT Tape, music, sunblock and a massager are a must! What's in your gym bag? Did I miss any essentials? 

Peek Inside My Gym Bag

Unfortunately, I am a day late on my post but yesterday was National Running Day. I was fortunate enough to go on a five mile hill workout with the North Coast Striders, a local running club. We crushed those hills! When I got home I did some work and then got a surprise from Nike Running in the mail, new Flyknit shoes! I couldn't think of a more perfect day for them to arrive and am excited to start breaking them in. The colors are so fun! I have one other pair of Flyknit shoes from Nike and have  trained for and run two half marathons in them. I really like how light and supportive they are. They definitely add to the bright colors of my workout wardrobe!

Nike Flyknit Shoes

This week has also been nutrition focus week. I plan on tackling my third marathon and first triathlon this fall so I am trying to focus on keeping my body as healthy and happy as possible. A few weeks ago I received a sample of Zola Coconut Water to try. Coconut water is great for hydration and has a lot of potassium, all important for replenishing the body after intense exercise. I must say my favorite was the natural coconut water, it has great flavor and was extremely refreshing ice-cold. The coconut water with pulp was surprisingly good. It has actual chunks of coconut in the water and gives you something to chew on. It's a unique post-workout drink. The Acai juice was super refreshing, light and delicious. According to recent studies it's a super fruit so I just imagined it healing my body while I drank it. Bottom line, if you love coconut and all natural juices then give Zola a try. I'm going to stock up on my favorites next time I go to the store. 

Zola Coconut Water

I have a busy weekend ahead of me so stay tuned for my race recap and more! Are you running any races this weekend?