Monday, September 19, 2011

Living in the Moment

Some things are easier said than done and living in the moment is one of them. I seem to be held back by my uncanny ability to over analyze. Recently I was given the opportunity of a lifetime. The chance to participate in the EspnW Women+Sports Summit. The only problem is my lack of vacation time from a job that has never been my dream. Being involved in sports marketing has been my dream since I was 10, over 14 years ago. The opportunity of a lifetime...can I afford to miss this? Should I quit my current job to peruse my dream? My heart is telling me yes, but my head is saying no. Should I live in this moment, should I throw caution to the wind and throw myself head first towards my dream? Can I live in the moment? I'm terrified of what will happen if I give up a practical job in pursuit of my dream, but I don't think I can afford to give up on myself! This moment will be fleeting, but I want to be involved in the moments that make athletics great. The only way to achieve my dreams is to give up my practical life and just live in the moment. Live like tomorrow may never come.