Thursday, September 29, 2011

EspnW Summit Part 2

Athletes do better in school, athletes achieve more, sports cause more education, and athletes gain better opportunities in the job market. All of these were points made at the espnW summit opening presentation. These results are remarkable, they prove the importance of sports and athletic programs at a young age and throughout life. What are you doing in your life to enhance your involvement in athletics and in the lives of those around you? EspnW is dreaming big, dreaming of a world where women's sports have achieved equality with men's sports. This summit brought together leaders in Women's sports from all over the US in an effort to spark a movement to achieve more in women's sports. "Together we're stronger" said Laura Gentile the VP of espnW. This is so true! The speakers were amazing and inspiring. I wish I could explain it all here, but it would mean so much more if you watched the presentations for yourself. Check out the recorded presentations at There is even a q&a session with the USWNT and Abby Wambach! You don't want to miss this.