Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm getting faster!

We got to meet Sam Querrey! 

These last few weeks have been crazy and I have one more week to go. Between training for the Nike Women's Marathon, working for the Sacramento Capitals World TeamTennis, coaching basketball and working full time I haven't had a spare moment to myself. Remarkably, I have been able to stay somewhat sane and even was able to run my tempo run at a 7:30 minute mile pace! Progress!

This last weekend was extremely eventful. I played some tennis and went on a great nine mile run on Saturday morning. I met a 93 year old man on my run and he stopped me at around mile four. He wanted to congratulate me on running and told me to keep doing it and I would live to 93 like him. He did a little hop in the air and heel tap to show me how agile he was. Then he mentioned that he walks ten miles a day! I think he has found the secret to staying active...don't ever stop to begin with. 

My long run went really well. I was able to keep up a steady pace of 8:43 per mile and felt strong. I was glad to be home when I hit those last few miles. My legs were starting to get a bit tired. Then on Saturday afternoon we headed out for our backpacking trip. The hike was tortuous, straight up climbing up boulders for a few miles and my legs were screaming at me to take a rest. I resisted the urge to stop and kept telling myself this is great marathon training. When we finally got to the top of Horsetail Falls we were surrounded by pristine lakes fed by rushing water, it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I couldn't resist doing a bit of yoga there! 

This is one of my most active weekends to date. How was your weekend and what did you do to stay active?