Sunday, July 29, 2012

Long Runs - My Nemesis

Saturday was my long run. I had an 11 mile run and I was not feeling it when I woke up. I originally planned to go at 6am, but didn't end up actually going out the door until 8am. Luckily, it stayed a little cooler temperature this morning than it had been the last few weeks. My run started out well, but I was soon feeling all the miles I have been running catch up with me. My legs were heavy and I wasn't sure how far I could go. Luckily, quitting was not an option and I finished my 11 miles at a 9:06 minute mile pace. Not bad for really not feeling the run. Next Saturday's 13 miler is going to be here much too soon. But I'll be ready this time! I am going to be visualizing success all week long.

As a special treat for making it through my first month of Nike Women's Marathon training I went on a new Nike gear shopping spree! When the tennis season ended I was given a Macy's gift card as a thank you for all my hard work. With it I was able to get the softest long sleeve running shirt, a new sports bra and a brand new running tank! With the way I have been going through laundry recently these will all come in handy. I'm so excited to test them out on my next run!

My new Nike training gear! I love the bright blue and purple hues!

Today I also have some tips to share about running outdoors. Here are a few things to remember before every run.

Hydrate: When you are going for a long run, anything over 6 miles, it is important to stay hydrated. Either carry a water bottle with you, plan a stop along the way at a drinking fountain, or stash a bottle along your route. You do not want to be dehydrated coming into those final miles.

Sunglasses: Yesterday I walked out the door and the sun blasted into my face. I turned around and ran into the house to get a pair of sunglasses. I have one really old pair of sunglasses that I run with and am looking for a new pair. I was so glad I had eye protection since I was running for over an hour and a half, but I'm ready for something new. I went online after my run to look up running sunglasses and came across this pair. These glasses were made for running and tennis and provide maximum sun protection. They are going on my wish list.

Nike Miler Sunglasses

Sunscreen: With all the research and data we have to show just how damaging the sun can be it is just not smart to go outside and expose yourself to those risks without proper protection. You can get spray bottles of sunscreen so you can even reach those hard to reach places, like your back. Don't go out into these sun without this.

Fuel: For any run over 10 miles you should be fueling properly with some sort of energy food. Fruit snacks or energy chews and gels can give you that extra energy you are craving and help you power through those runs. It's easy to store one or two bite size energy snacks with you in a zipper pocket on your shorts.

Music: My energy and the speed of my runs increases drastically when I have music pushing me along.  It's amazing how much of a difference and a push that good music can give. I never leave home without my iPod.

What are some running essentials you use every day? Let me know!