Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What Running and NTC Have Taught Me

Nike made this great picture to congratulate me on my hard work!

Running has taught me many things. Running has taught me to believe in myself, to trust my training, and that there is nothing in life that I cannot achieve. Winning is easy, rising after failure is hard. It has taught me to trust my friends and not make enemies, that life is too short to not enjoy each moment. My dreams are reachable through training, belief and assistance from my friends. I have an increased sense of confidence in my abilities and I am more connected to others that share my passion. I am a better person, daughter, wife and friend because of running. It takes discipline, strength and perseverance to become great. Goals aren't easy to achieve, dreams can only become reality if you take the steps to make them come true and when you take that first step it will start you on a journey that you never thought possible and you hope will never end. Running has taught me to follow my passion, to live in the moment and to never take a single step for granted.

Nike Training Club has given me the strength to step quicker, reach farther and test my limits in the gym. It's a different test of my strengths than running, it makes me a well rounded person and a better runner. Nike Women have taught me the importance of believing in others and taking a chance on someone, even if they are 500 miles away. Sometimes, sharing a passion is more important than keeping it to yourself. Anything is possible. A six pack, a sub 7 minute mile, the chance to work with Nike, whatever you can dream, you can achieve.

Marie Purvis, aka @NikeGetFit, is a top notch trainer and truly cares about my success. She lives her passion everyday and helps make fitness a reality for top athletes, high school athletes and everyday gym goers like me. Ask her a question and she'll answer, follow her on Twitter or around the world while training at Live NTC sessions and you will never be more proud of your body and fitness achievements. She'll push you, motivate you, and challenge you to be better than you were yesterday.

Movement is a gift, change is necessary to improvement and in order to make that change you need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Hope matters, dreams matter, days matter. Don't waste a single moment. Find your passion. Find your greatness.