Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why You Should Read Leah Kim's Yoga Book

I first learned about Leah Kim in her yoga videos featured on the Nike Women website. I was fascinated with her grace and amazing ability to twist her body into yoga poses that my 5' 11" frame could only dream of. My first yoga experience was in my apartment at college, laptop streaming Leah Kim's yoga routine and brand new yoga mat, still curled into it's rolled up shape, huffing and puffing through the poses Leah so effortlessly demonstrated. I fell in love with the idea of yoga, but I never thought that I would become a "Yogi."

After I graduated from college I took an office job and have been somewhat miserable since. I have always been active and sitting behind a desk all day has been driving me crazy. This past year I began to practice yoga more frequently and have started to really feel the benefits of consistent yoga practice. I am looking for a way to make my daily routine involve running and yoga and have seriously been considering a career change. After working out with Leah Kim's yoga skills on the Nike Training Club app and interacting with her on Twitter I have really started to see a bright spot in my future. Just this last week Leah Kim came out with a book chronicling her yoga journey and she gave me the opportunity to be one of the first people to read it. Here is what this book has taught me and why it can change your life.

Ambition, drive and passion. Leah Kim displays these characteristics in her yoga practice and now has shared her secrets for success in her new book "From Office Hell to Yoga Heaven - Jumpstart Your Career As A Yoga Instructor." If you have ever wondered where you are going and how to take a step in the direction of your dream job Leah Kim's bravery and heartfelt story will inspire you to stop thinking about making a change and teach you how to take that first step.

Leah Kim writes from the heart and shows how the power of belief, hard work, bravery and a little bit of luck can truly make your dreams become a reality. Leah gives you examples from her yoga journey and steps that you can take to find your path in the yoga world. Not interested in becoming a yoga instructor? No problem, Leah's story can be applied to any goal you have. The importance of hard work, practice and continual learning are concepts that she explains and puts into perspective with style. Leah is a yoga instructor, writer, ambassador and inspiring athlete with a passion for sharing yoga with the world. She has given me a lot to consider in my quest for a rewarding job. Stay tuned for more updates on how I am applying Leah's philosophy to my everyday yoga practice and my quest to become a yoga instructor.