Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aerial Yoga

Today was my second aerial yoga class. I have come to really enjoy this class. It is a mix of TRX and yoga. Today focused a lot on core work and strength training. I had a blast working on balancing in the hammocks and hanging upside down while suspended from the ceiling. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and made the class simple to get the hang of. 

Training for the Nike Women's Marathon and running anywhere from 40-50 miles a week has caused me to seek out new ways to help my body stretch out and relax after tough workouts. Aerial yoga is just the thing. It is challenging, yet relaxing at the same time. Being suspended in the air allows me to get deeper into poses than I normally would. If you have the opportunity to try out one of these classes do not pass it up. I can hardly wait to go back next week; especially after my 20 mile run on Saturday.

I have been training extremely hard these past few months and with less than two months to go I plan on doing everything I can to keep my body healthy, happy and performing at it's best. Right now aerial yoga is just what I need. Are there any untraditional classes that you have tried out recently to keep your body guessing and add an extra challenge to your daily workouts? Let me know!