Monday, August 27, 2012

Nike Keeps Designing and I Keep Dreaming - My Updated Wish List

Once again I am bringing you my Nike wish list! Just a few products I am loving recently:

This training shoe has built in technology to track your workouts and provides you with workouts from pro athletes directly on your iPhone. You can compete with your top score or any of the other Nike community members using the app and shoes! Revolutionary. They are out of my size at the moment, which is probably a good thing because they are some of the most expensive shoes on the market. But totally worth the cost. Just think of them as your own personal trainer and motivator. 

With a limited waste design, these shoes are knit together to reduce the carbon footprint. They are also super light and made for running and training. These shoes just might be a nod to the future of fitness. I definitely need a pair of these on my feet. Maybe I'll treat myself to a pair after I complete the Nike Women's Marathon in October. If only Christmas came early this year...

I may already have a black fuelband, but one that is built on the concept of ice and allows me to see through the outer case, genius! I wouldn't mind having one of these on my wrist to track my daily movements. 

Adjustable mock neck and sweat wicking fabric are just a few of the great benefits of this shirt. It also comes in great colors and keeps you warm and dry during cold weather workouts. Plus, it is long enough to not hike up during long runs. It also has a brushed interior that makes it sooo soft on your skin. 

These are some of the most comfortable capris you will ever own and come in fun winter colors to spice up your workout. The back zipper pocket is perfect for stashing your keys or a snack on your long run.

Super cute shorts with bonded seams for comfort and a mesh outer layer for breathability. Perfect for training and running. They allow for a full range of motion so you can worry about performance and not fit.