Monday, August 13, 2012

My Day to Find Greatness

My Best Nike Fuel Day!

This past weekend I was able to participate in Nike's "Find Greatness" day and am proud to say that I was able to make this day my most active day yet. I pushed myself by running 15 miles on a very hilly course, doing NTC workouts, boxing drills and generally anything I could think of to stay active. I did not allow myself to stop during the entire day. When Nike gives me a challenge I accept wholeheartedly! All my activity paid off when I achieved my 12,000 NikeFuel goal and earned the "find greatness" badge. I'm going to display that with pride! 

Running along the water and running the Swoosh!

My day started out with a 15 mile run that went through town and then hit a picturesque trail with a few ponds and waterfalls. They were a gorgeous sight to my eyes and I enjoyed running past the cool water. Once I found a turtle along this path. I always enjoy seeing wildlife out on my runs, it makes me feel like I am in nature instead of the middle of a big city. I also attempted to run the "swoosh." Needless to say from the above picture, my running/spelling skills need some work. With two more months of Marathon training I will have many more opportunities to master my art.

 The personalized badge I received from Nike Running after I synced my 15 miler!

I have been working on my running form lately and found this great video from the Born to Run coach Eric Orton. He explains proper running mechanics and ways to make your running an experience that is fluid and injury free. I am going to put some of these drills into practice on my next run. Some of his rules are basic but so important. For me, the focus he puts on striking toe to heel is huge, I'm a total heel striker and am ready to give this a try and see how it feels.

Video: Running with Eric

And just because I really want this and totally don't need it, don't you think this is a great tennis/running outfit? I want it! I'm a sucker for grey tennis skirts and long sleeved running tops. Oh well, maybe some day. Until then, goodnight!