Monday, December 10, 2012

Digital Royalty University Course Review

Social media is everywhere and navigating it can be tough. This is where Digital Royalty University can be extremely useful. The world of social media is vast and #renegade Amy Jo Martin has focused the last few years of her career on helping businesses and individuals navigate this quickly growing online community through her company - Digital Royalty.

A few years ago social media did not even exist. Suddenly, a business without a Facebook or Twitter account is no longer considered to be as competitive. Social media is a network where people can share their opinions and join in a conversation, whether that be good or bad depends on how you navigate the online world.

Amy Jo Martin created her online university courses to educate businesses, leaders, bloggers or just individuals who want to know more about how to navigate social media, what guidelines to follow and how to best use social media to their advantage. I had the privilege of taking the first two classes "8 Royal Rules - Part 1" and "8 Royal Rules - Part 2."

As an aspiring social media marketer, these classes were especially useful to me. I had read Amy Jo's book Renegades Write the Rules in October, see previous post When Renegades and Nike Collide, and it greatly expanded my knowledge of the Twitter world and how it can be used. These classes really expand on the book and allow you to see and hear examples of how these rules work. It's visual learning at it's best.

The classes are interactive and fun. They are online so you can take them whenever you want, or wherever you want, pajamas anyone? Also, you can interact with Amy Jo and the entire #renegade team whenever you have a question during the course, you just have to tag your question #RoyalQ.

These classes invite participation with social media. Got a question? Tweet it. Don't be afraid to try different avenues of communication and find what works. Use social media the way it was meant to be, as a form of communication. The classes also provide forums and quizzes to test your knowledge and help you hone your social media skills.

Right now you can try the first class, "8 Royal Rules - Part 1" for free! That's a pretty sweet deal! With nine classes ranging from the basics to emerging platforms, and more courses being continually added, you can glean information from those that are at the top of their business, they wrote the rules. The way I see it, you have everything to gain by taking this class.

I can't wait to take all of the classes offered by Digital Royalty. I'll keep you posted on my thoughts and hope to connect on Twitter. Hit me up @superwomankw!