Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lookout Triathlon World, I'm Coming!

Meredith Atwood is a lawyer, mom, author of the blog Swim. Bike. Mom., and author of the book Triathlon for the Every Woman,  an incredible read for anyone wanting to get out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves and try something new. If you are already a seasoned triathlete, this book will provide new information about training, gear guides and an entertaining story to captivate and inspire. If you are new to triathlon, this book will inspire you to challenge yourself and sign up for your first triathlon!

If you would have asked me a year ago if I would do a triathlon I would have thought you were crazy! But not any more. I have been thinking about training for my first race over the last few months and after reading this book, I know that it is possible! Meredith Atwood is an amazing writer and athlete and her book shows the importance of triathlon in my life. Yes, MY LIFE. I will be a triathlete and that will happen this summer. 

I have always been afraid of the biking aspect of triathlon. I have done two marathons and was a lifeguard and swim instructor in college, so I know that I can do well in these two events, but road biking gives me a scare. Meredith Atwood shares the same fear and hesitancy towards biking, yet she has completed many triathlons and the half-ironman distance. After reading her candid story, I know that anything is possible and facing my fear is important to my growth. 

In the book, Meredith not only provides examples and lessons learned from her triathlon experience, but she also gives step by step guides, links and ideas for succeeding in your first race. She provides links to popular triathlon sites, gear guides and recommendations, and advice from her personal coaches and others in the sport. 

I have chosen a sprint triathlon in September for my first race so I should have plenty of time to prepare. With Meredith's book as a guide, I don't think I can go wrong. Have you done a triathlon? If so, share your stories, tips and tricks in the comments below. Or, just give me a motivational shout-out. Let me know if you read Triathlon for the Every Woman and how it helps your prepare for your first race. 

Even if you aren't looking to run a triathlon, this book is inspiring and motivating. You might surprise yourself with how your goals change after reading her story. I know my life has changed and come September 2013, I will be a triathlete.