Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fitness Staycation

Staying active after Christmas is sometimes harder than it should be. When I start to feel the slow downward pull of the post Christmas blues I know that is when I need to go to the gym the most. This coming week I am taking a fitness vacation. I am trying classes at the gym that I normally couldn't take because I am at work and jumpstarting my New Years resolution fitness goals.

What have I learned so far:

  1. Spin class is no joke and is a total body workout. I was huffing and puffing halfway through this class and I loved every minute of it. I burned 450 calories in a one hour class. Also, Spin is  a low impact class that provides a killer calorie burn. Definitely worth trying. 
  2. Yoga class can provide my body with a challenge unlike any other fitness challenge I have experienced and it is definitely a new staple for my gym experience. I recently had an injury due to decreased mobility and am doing yoga to get back to running soon. I am already feeling more flexible. 
  3. Weight training classes can provide me with that extra push to lift a little more and introduce new moves that I can work into my personal weight training routine. 
  4. While I always looked at group classes with a bit of skepticism, I now realize the benefits of sharing fitness with a group of other like minded fitness fanatics. It is motivating as well as challenging. 
I challenge you to try a new class at the gym. You'll feel the benefits right away, it is a great cross-training opportunity and you can get some great instruction and ideas without paying the high fee for a personal training session.