Thursday, December 29, 2011

Personal Trainer Benefits

Often it's hard enough to afford a gym membership, let alone personal training sessions. I know I don't have extra money to spend on weekly personal trainer sessions, but I recently had the opportunity to have a session with one of the trainers at my gym and I was pleasantly surprised.

The trainer I spoke to was incredibly knowledgable and had many new exercises and ideas to share with me about training. He listened to my goals and created a training program to help me improve my tennis game. I loved being able to tap into someone else's knowledge and learn more about training and improving my body.

Here are some options if you are thinking about getting a second opinion on your training goals:

  • Set up one or two sessions with a trainer at your gym so that you can get new exercises to do and apply their suggestions to your current routine.
  • Check out the many exercise apps for your phone, ipad, or tablet. My favorite is the Nike Training Club app for iphone. It is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. It provides workouts and video demonstrations so you can see the exercise they are asking you to do and gauge your form. And best of all, it's free!

  • Check out a few classes at your gym like strength training or TRX classes to give you new moves to work on in your personal workouts.
  • Get a workout buddy and plan different workouts with each other. Alternate days in which you each plan a workout and teach each other different exercises. 
Remember to keep mixing up your workouts and teaching your body new drills every few weeks so you keep your body guessing and keep those muscles growing. Good luck and happy training!