Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ads That Inspire

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Marketing is my passion and Nike pretty much encompasses everything that I dream a great marketer can do. They have managed to make me an unconditional believer in their product and in myself. Their ads are inspiring, empowering, and tastefully done. They show such raw athleticism and incredible talent. They inspire me to always strive for more.

The advertisement above is one of many that is focused on women and they are all so inspiring to me. Nike took an aspect of the body, like the arm, thigh, butt, and made an advertisement that praises muscles. They took beauty from a place of skinny, anorexic models and made beauty become a toned body, an athlete's body.

I grew up with these ads and they helped to shape my life in such a positive way. I will never apologize for being strong or athletic. Being able to keep up with the boys will never be something I am afraid of and I will rock this body because I worked for it! What ads inspire you?