Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nike ID

Customization is awesome! I love that Nike has so many different items that you can customize at They even have a NikeID iphone app!!! I can't imagine a better way to personalize your own athletic gear and really make something fun and motivating for yourself to workout in.

From shoes, to shirts, to bags. At NikeId you can customize almost anything Nike makes. What a great Christmas present. I know I would live to get something customized for me. Whether you want to include your jersey number, life motto, or name. Whatever you choose, Nike can make it for you.

I think the coolest feature is being able to customize your shoes. You can pick the colors, style, and then add a saying to the tongue of the shoe or to the heel. Nike has given the creativity to you. You are the designer and you pick what you want.

I hope there is a shoebox sized package under the tree this year for me!