Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Dreams aren't born of nothing. They are made of blood, sweat and tears. It takes discipline, faith and a little bit of luck to truly reach your grandest and most challenging dreams. The beauty of having and maintaining a dream is that there is always the chance that that dream will come true. Don't give up on your dreams, never let them go because you never know when you may get a chance to pursue exactly what you have been dreaming about.

No one ever achieved success without failing a few times first. Steve Jobs was asked to leave the company he founded and he did. But he came back even stronger, he never gave up hope and never gave up on his dreams. He had every right to just walk away and forget about his company, but he didn't give up - he believed.

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. H didn't give up, instead he went and practiced, believed and worked. He would not give up on his dreams and it paid dividends for him. He became arguably the best basketball player of all time and has an entire brand at Nike named after him (Jordan Brand). Not too bad for someone who wasn't even considered a good enough player to be on high school team.

Everyone falls, everyone fails, everyone has dreams. The difference between success and failure is how may times you get back up. To fail is to experience life. There is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, we should embrace failure, because with failure comes success.

I don't want to live someone else's dream. I want to live my own dream and that means traveling into uncharted territory, charting my own course and having my own failures that will lead to my ultimate success. I have been turned down by Nike a few times, which is my ultimate dream company to work for, but I won't ever stop trying, because each of those failures have taught me about myself and helped me to learn more about the company I admire. When the opportunity presents itself, I will be ready to embrace my dream, because I will know that I have put in the hard work and I deserve to be successful and live my dream.

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