Monday, February 6, 2012

Women, Sports and the Superbowl

The Superbowl this past Sunday was a huge hit among both men and women. If anyone has been following espnW this weekend they would have seen the recent stats they have been sharing about women's increased participation in watching the game (44%) and purchasing NFL memorabilia. 

Women are starting to participate more and more in sports and sporting events and are becoming a huge target market. Women have every right to be involved both on and off the field and it is about time that they are recognized as the large market that they are. 

I know I have always enjoyed both playing and watching sports. Nothing could tear me away from the Australian Open this year. Part of my obsession with tennis is the fact that women and men are treated on an equal level. Both men and women share equal prize money and equal television coverage at the Grand Slams. The tennis tour has discovered that women are integral in sports and are working to equalize their pay and tournaments across the globe. It is only a matter of time before other sports take note and women begin to share equal time with their male counterparts. 

For more info on women and sports check out and Both are great resources for information on women and their pursuits in the sporting world.