Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Make Yourself with Sharapova

Maria Sharapova is just one of Nike's Make Yourself athletes. She is inspirational to me for many different reasons. For a quick sneak peak at how she trains and what has brought her to champion status check out this video filmed by Nike Women for their Make Yourself campaign.

Sharapova's attitude and refusal to give up on every game and every match she plays is unlike most athletes, even at the professional level. What makes her stand out is her massive success. She is easily the highest paid female athlete of all time, has design deals with Nike and it's affiliate brands (Cole Haan), Head, Rolex, and various other companies, yet refuses to give up on what got her where she is, her tennis game (and 3 Grand Slam titles).

Injury, surgery and a painful recovery with some poor match play might have convinced a lessor competitor and champion to give up on the game and explore other exploits. This is not the case for Maria Sharapova. She instead came back with a vengeance and fire that just cannot be quenched. Her run to the finals of both Wimbledon in 2011 and the Australian Open in 2012 show how this hard work has paid off. I can't wait to see more things from this talented tennis player and business woman.

Check out Maria Sharapova and the six other athletes in Nike's "Make Yourself" campaign. You will be inspired to push yourself harder after checking out their videos and words of advice.