Monday, February 13, 2012

Workout Style

I love following the Nike Women Blog for inspiration, motivation and great fitness style advice. Nike once again impressed me with their recent trip to Austin, TX where they found a few women rocking their personal Nike style.

The differences in styles between the 3 girls pictured was not hard to see, but just goes to show how diverse and functional athletic clothes can be. They don't just have to be for the gym. You can work them into any outfit. Depending what piece you use you can dress down, or dress up, a look. This is great news for me considering my obsession with workout clothes. But come on, who doesn't like living in the comfort of some stretch pants and a hoodie?

I love to wear sporty tennis shoes with my jeans and a jacket around town and sometimes I just throw a Nike bag across my shoulder to make my look a little more casual. The colors of many of this season's products really pop and I enjoy pairing them with my darker pants. Inspiration can always be found when I head to the gym and just look around. Right now bright colors and oversized shirts are really in for working out, plus they can often double for a cute top around town.

What's your workout style?