Monday, April 22, 2013

Turn Your Dreams into Reality

For dreams to come true you must write them down and never stop reaching towards them. You must constantly strive to find new ways to work harder and learn more. I started to implement this principle after reading Nike Global Yoga Ambassador Leah Kim's book, From Office Hell to Yoga Heaven, on how she became a yoga instructor sought worldwide and represents one of the biggest names in the athletic world, Nike.

Her book made me realize that I hadn't been writing down my dreams and I had only been thinking about them, keeping them hidden from the world. With the advance of social media, blogs, and youtube, you can write down almost anything and share it with the world. These resources have helped me seek out new opportunities and write down my goals and aspirations, effectively causing me to work hard to achieve success.

Today is another chance for me to share what has become of the goals I have written down and how I am working towards goals that are still to come true and setting new ones.

Completed Goals:

  • Top 10 in the 2010 Nike Field Reporter Competition (so close to this dream!)
  • Black Belt in Taekwondo
  • 2012 Nike Women's Marathon Ambassador for Nike Women
  • 2013 Athleta Sponsored Athlete
  • Run Club Leader 
  • Run Hood to Coast with Team Nuun Hydration (will complete in August)
  • Nuun Ambassador, Fitfluential Ambassador, Sweat Pink Ambassador
  • Work in social media
  • Connect with Nike employees - met amazing Nike representatives at NWM 12 and via Twitter I was able to speak with a Nike Digital Recruiter. 
  • Run a sub 2-hour half marathon (1:53!)
Current Goals:

  • Become part of a Crew for Nike and represent them at Nike Women's Marathon SF 2013
    • I am inspired by the NWM Runway Crew, SF Runway Crew and SheRunsLA Crew
  • Work for Nike in event planning, social media, or Nike Women
  • Participate in a Nike Running photoshoot
  • Run a 3:45 Marathon (Follow-up goal, qualify for Boston Marathon!)
  • Complete a race in Europe and Australia
  • Run for a cause - I want to run for Crohn's disease, which is an illness my sister fights everyday
As you can see, the majority of my goals are athletic related. I am a very fitness oriented person and running allows me to express myself everyday. If I could turn this love of running and motivating others into a career, or even an insanely fun hobby, I would do it in a heartbeat.

These are the goals I am working towards this year. I'll keep you updated on my progress and if you have any ideas to help me reach them I welcome your advice, assistance and mentorship!