Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bloggers I Love to Follow

I thought I would dedicate this week's post to my two favorite bloggers. The two bloggers I love to follow are i heart spandex and yoga eat run.  These bloggers share my passion for fitness and fashion. I want to give them a shout out and let them know how great their blogs are and how much I appreciate their motivational tips and ideas about fitness. They not only inspire me, but many others to get out there and be active.

i heart spandex is a blog that gives fitness and fashion advice and was started by an MBA student after she discovered her passion for the fitness industry after working for a major sports apparel company. I love her sense of athletic style, as well as her tips and passion for fitness. She goes above and beyond in her posts and her sense of style is  very similar to mine, so I love to see what athletic apparel choices she posts.

yoga eat run is a blog sharing one exercise and wellness student's fitness journey and motivating others to follow along in her passions. She shares video updates, pictures, tips and tricks for being your best self and is very motivating along the way. Right now you can join her in her most recent fitness challenge with the Nike Training Club App for iphone. Trust me, this challenge is no joke. This blog motivates me to get out there and work hard at the gym every day.

I always enjoy learning from others and I hope that I can create a better blogger experience because of other blogs that I follow. What fitness blogs motivate and inspire you?