Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nike Vapor Flash Jacket Review

Just last night I wanted to go for a run, but it was dark outside. With the recent time change and the sun setting before I'm off work, it has gotten more and more difficult for me to get my daily runs in. Leave it to Nike to come up with the perfect solution.

The Nike Vapor Flash jacket is an amazing innovation in running apparel. When wearing this jacket you increase your visibility by 400%! The 100% polyester twill fabric uses retro-reflection to take light and reflect it back for better visibility. The jacket is also wind resistant and keeps you warm, while providing appropriate ventilation under the arms and down the spine.

If you aren't looking to be seen by everyone within a 1 mile radius you can also reverse the jacket and wear the reflective material on the inside and showcase the sleek other side for a night on the town. This two-in-one innovation is one of my favorite features.

I had the privilege of trying one of these jackets when I participated in the Nike Women's Marathon and I fell in love. While it is a little pricy, $350 at I know it will be worth it in the long run. This is one piece of running apparel that is going to the top of my Christmas list.