Friday, January 20, 2012

Australian Open 2012

The Australian Open has been causing me sleep deprivation all week. Don't get me wrong, I love this tournament. It is my favorite Grand Slam and some day I will make it to Australia to see it. I just can't seem to turn off the TV and go to sleep when there are still matches going on. I'm hooked! Even when I finally convince myself to turn off the TV at midnight California time, I still lay awake wondering about the scores and who will win the match.

I tend to get overly involved in the players successes and failures. Rooting for my favorites to win, come on Federer, number 17 please! Caroline Wozniacki, now is your chance to win your first Grand Slam! I just can't seem to shake the feeling that if I am watching and cheering my favorite players on that they will win the tournament. I know it's just my own hopes, but I think that someday soon Wozniacki will show the world why she has been number one for so long and I see no reason why it can't be at this Australian Open.

I'm a huge tennis fan and I love playing at my local tennis club as well as watching the pros play. I get caught up in the spirit of the matches, the intensity of the players, the shifts in momentum. It all adds up to a recipe for hours of entertainment and this 2012 Australian Open has not ceased to provide drama, upsets and triumphs yet. I've been hooked since day one and I will just have to accept the fact that for one more week I will have to become comfortable with surviving on little sleep.