Sunday, January 29, 2012

Momentum Swings

Despite my desire for Rafael Nadal to win the Australian Open it was not to be. Minutes blended into hours and from the time the first point began at 12:30am to the last ball struck nearly 6 hours later - this match was nothing short of remarkable. It had dramatic points, net cords, shifts in momentum, and most of all just this incredible drive and desire pouring off the players. The court was dripping with emotions, most of which were channeled into amazing and dramatic points coming from both players racquets. Unfortunately, there could only be one winner and Djokovic was that winner today.

The 6 hour match today gave me time to think. A match like this brought to mind my determination and the momentum shifts in my workout routines. I may start off strong on Monday and then have a rough go of it the rest of the week. Some weeks my workouts seem to be going just as planned and other weeks my motivation is lacking. The important thing to remember is to keep going and never give up. No matter how tough the workout is just keep pushing through. The end result will always be worth it. Pain is only temporary, but victory lasts forever.