Monday, January 9, 2012

No Excuses

I woke up this morning so tired. The felling never left me all day. Sometimes it is difficult to even force myself to shut off my alarm and go to work, let alone to think about working out. Even though I wanted to just come home and take a nap after work, I didn't. I stayed true to my workout plan. I did a 45 minute cardio/weight routine at the gym and then hit up Taekwondo class for an hour. I felt better about 15 minutes  into my workout and it became totally worth it.

I have a college basketball career in my arsenal of tricks to pull from. In college there is no excuse for skipping a practice and no matter how tired I was, or how many late nights I had put in, I ALWAYS went to practice. And after every two to three hour evening practice I felt more alive than I did before. There is just nothing that can compare to endorphins to help make me alert. During my workout today I kept reminding myself of those college basketball practices and how they taught me to push through tiredness and pain. Basketball taught me how to push myself and taught me that there are no excuses. When you say you will do something, get it done.

Find your reason to workout and your reason to push yourself. Think back to a time in your life when you pushed yourself to achieve something you never thought you could, or a time when you pushed harder than you thought possible. Use that experience to push yourself every day. There is just no excuse for letting yourself take the easy way out. Set an alarm on your phone, get a workout buddy, or create a consequence for skipping your workout. Tell yourself that you will accept no excuses and stick to your plan. The first step to success is taking that first step. Challenge yourself today to make your dreams come true. No excuses.