Monday, March 26, 2012

Discover the Joy of Coconut

I have found a small taste of heaven. Wrapped in smooth coconut cream, packed with delicious coconut flakes and frozen to perfection, this is one frozen treat that doesn't leave me feeling guilty. Coconuts are full of health benefits, one of which is lauric acid, which aids in building the body's immune system. Coconut milk also plays a part in lowering the risk of heart disease, among other benefits. I use it for a substitute for milk in recipes and in my morning oatmeal. It has a smooth, creamy texture that is sure to please even the most picky of taste buds.

This is a dairy free dessert that doesn't leave me feeling heavy after eating it. My favorite combination is a scoop of the frozen coconut dessert with a fresh, sliced mango. This combination creates a taste of the tropics that will transport you to another world with each bite. Feel free to substitute pineapple for the mango or blend fruit and coconut "ice cream" together for a pina colada-like treat! The options are endless for creating new and exciting flavors and dishes. Try substituting it for the cool whip or whipped topping on pancakes, yum!

If you are looking for a delicious treat that is more health and diet friendly than ice cream then look no further than So Delicious Coconut Milk Coconut frozen dessert. If you aren't a coconut fan or are just looking to mix up your flavor choices it comes in multiple other flavors ranging from mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, vanilla, chocolate and peanut better, etc. 

Other delicious coconut items So Delicious makes range from ice cream bars, yogurt, milk and creamers. Other products are made with soy or almond milk. If you are looking for great non dairy substitutes these are great options. I hope you find them as delicious as I do! 

Paired with a healthy diet consisting of vegetables, fruit and whole grains, this is a great treat food that you can enjoy without feeling guilty.