Sunday, March 11, 2012

Running Essentials

As promised yesterday here is a list of my running essentials. I love these products and they can definitely turn a mediocre run into a memorable and fun experience. I hope you find this information useful and find a few new products to enhance your running. 

 1. Nike GPS Sport Watch: Great for tracking your running stats, counting laps, and keeping you on pace. Plus you can upload all your running data directly to, view your routes and challenge friends.
2. Nike Lunar Eclipse Running Shoe: Super smooth ride and just the right amount of cushioning for your foot. Nike's latest and greatest technology in running shoes. 

3. Nike Cyclone Vapor Jacket: This is on the top of my wish list. This jacket is super light and perfect for keeping wind and rain off while not causing you any discomfort. Tiny felt circles on the inside keep the fabric sliding off your body. You will hardly know it is there.

4. Nike Legend Short: This short is made of recycled plastic water bottles and is the perfect mix of function and style. It has great lift in the butt and is flattering for all body types. 

5. Nike Relay Tank: This tank is lightweight and a great color to give your running a bit of a pop. It is perfect for the road, trail or gym. 

6. Camelback Quick Grip Handheld Bottle: Long runs require hydration and this bottle is a perfect handheld size. It holds enough water to keep you fueled for your run without creating too much of a hassle while carrying it. The handy strap wraps around your hand and keeps the bottle in place.

I hope you find these products useful in your running routine. Also, check out my new Facebook page Reason To Play.