Saturday, March 10, 2012

Running Race Season!

Once again the season of running races is upon us. 5k, 10k, and marathons, races always seem to pop up more during the spring and summer months. Maybe they attract more racers because people are excited to be able to finally run without wearing layers upon layers of clothing. After all, with the coming of spring there are also longer daylight hours and more time to train in the evening. Whatever the reason, training for a race is a great way to stay in shape and mix up your exercise routine.

I just met a girl at my gym who is as much into running and racing as me. We ran together for the first time this last week and have already planned a 5k race to do together the first week of June. The exciting thing about a training partner is that I find myself pushing myself harder when I am running with someone than when I am running alone. In fact, we were able to run almost a minute faster per mile while running together. I can't wait for all our future training sessions. I know they will help me to become a better runner.

Part of great race training is also having a way to track your mileage and pace. I have the Nike+ GPS Sport Watch and my new training partner has a Garmin GPS watch. Both are great and I recommend investing in one of your choosing. They are well worth it. Knowing your average pace, time, split speed, tracking your routes...there are so many things you can do with technology to enhance and improve your running experience.

Getting a pair of running shoes with proper support and cushioning is also an important step to take before beginning training. Have your local running store analyze your stride and then get a pair of shoes that work for you. After that all you need is a pair of comfortable shorts and a sweat wicking shirt to keep you comfortable and dry during your run.

Check out tomorrow's post for my list of running essentials! Happy racing!