Monday, March 5, 2012

Stair Power

Stairs are not easy. They are intimidating and can vary from a few steps to hundreds. Stairs are integral to most training plans. Not only do they strengthen and tone muscles but they enhance our mental and physical state. When you have conquered a flight of hundreds of stairs in your everyday training, then you feel like you can conquer anything in a race. Stairs help to build your stamina in every way.

I used to dislike stairs. Everyday in basketball practice we would do laps up and down the stairs from the court to the balcony and back. They were killer workouts and there were some days when I just wanted to give up. I never stopped and not stopping is what made me into the athlete I am today. Stairs taught me to keep going even when I feel like I can't continue. 

Elite athletes are made by the work they put in when no one is watching. They are made in the moments in training when they do not give up, even when no one is watching. Often I think the difference between winning and losing is that extra effort from the months of training put in when no one was watching. Nothing in sports happens by chance. Put in the work now and you will see results later. Conquer your worst fear, tackle the stairs, work harder everyday. Never let yourself quit.