Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nike Women

Here are the top reasons I love Nike Women.

10. Nike Women represents athletes of all types. From professional, to amateur, to gym class heroes, they never leave anyone out or say they aren't good enough.

9. Nike Women interacts with customers and fans via Twitter, Facebook, and their own blog at

8. Nike women creates products that are sustainable (their Legend pant is made out of recycled plastic water bottles), comfortable, functional, and fashionable.

7. Nike Women travels the world to get pictures of athletes in different cites sporting their Nike style. Check out Nike Found on tumblr!

6. They create a lifestyle that is based on exercise and positivity and encourage women to always do their best and try new things.

5. Nike Women created and endorses the Nike Training Club app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad, which revolutionized my training and allows women everywhere to have a personal trainer with them wherever they are.

4. Master trainer Marie Purvis who is the Nike trainer behind the Nike Training Club app, and to who I owe my toned arms and soon-to-be six pack abs!

3. The opportunities they give to their Nike Training Club app Superusers. Example: Jenae Frick of Yoga.Eat.Run who is right now in Beaverton, OR for a photo shoot and meet and greet with Marie Purvis. It is so incredible that they invite ambassadors of their brand to meet them!

2. Their tireless pursuit of perfection in the world of sports and training.

1. The number one reason I love Nike Women is because they have inspired me to connect with others who enjoy fitness as much as I do, to start a blog, and to always strive for my best. I have become stronger in my over 7000 minutes of training with their Nike Training Club app and have shared it with many of my friends.

My number one goal right now is to work as hard as I can to become the best athlete I can be, master Nike Training Club and eventually join this amazing team of women who create the Nike Women experience!

Thanks Nike Women for inspiring me to never quit believing.