Thursday, March 8, 2012


Unstoppable is a powerful word. It can be defined by refusing to give up, never quitting, repeatedly working everyday towards a goal. Being unstoppable means empowering others to join you and work with you towards your goal. It's taking something in your life and making it your focus.

Elite athletes are unstoppable. Successful people are unstoppable. They have mastered the art of being loyal to their dreams and their desires. Being unstoppable means that you must make tough decisions every day. You must decide how your decisions will define your future and build a better life for you.

I want to become unstoppable in my quest to become a personal trainer and to share my love of fitness with others. I want to be unstoppable with the minutes, hours, and days that I put in working out with my Nike Training Club app. I want to succeed in all aspects of my fitness journey.

I have big dreams and big goals. It's no secret that Nike is a huge inspiration for me. I want to embody what I feel Nike has brought to the fitness world. I want to be everything that I can be, to run faster, reach higher, and push further than I every thought possible.

I'm making myself Unstoppable. What are you doing to reach your dreams?